sansa Express is not switch it on

The Sansa Express 2.0GB  worked fine few hours not even one day.  Now, it will not turn on and will not appear on my computer.  If I press “ON” button, it says scandisk and shuts off.  Does nothing when I plugg it in computer. I tried a hard reset. 

Please reply to me as soon as possible. 

reply plz.

Mine is doing the exact same thing.  I used it 30 minutes Wednesday.  This is my second one.  The first one froze up and resets etc. did nothing to fix it.  I was mailed this one after sending my old one in for repair.

Check out this Thread…you at least are getting “some” life in yours…mine is dead ;(

Whats up with all the ppl making new threads with the exact same problem as everybody else?
Try this thread.
 Fixed it for me.
This forum is a wreck. lol

Show me a forum where new users actually search for or look through existing threads.  Please.  I want to know if such a place actually exists on the intarweb!