My Sansa m260 won't stay on

I’m having trouble with my Sansa. When I turn it on, it starts up normally. Everything is fine until it gets to try to play music. It immediately goes into powering down and turns itself off. 

Some info:

My player will be recognized by my PC if I plug it in to the USB. I have tried updating firmware. I have tried reformating. If I hold the power button, it will turn on, then promptly turn off, same as if I didn’t hold it. I’ve tried several sets of batteries.

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I couldn’t find it. I’ve had this player for years, and I really don’t want a new one…

Have you considered the possilbility that your music files have somehow gotten corrupted? You can use ChkDsk (or Windows Error-Checking) to find out and possibly fix them.

When I reformated, all my files were deleted, but the problem still remains.


at the risk of offending you , have the batteries been replaced recently?

ive solved the same problem on a m240 with new batteries