m230 will not work

I just bought a reconditioned m230. It just arrived in the mail and I’m trying to get it to work. But, everytime I go to turn it on it automatically powers down. I have formated it. I also reinstalled the firmware. When I reinstall the firmware it gives me the language selection area but I can’t select a language. None of the buttons work to select it. So, I have to take the batter out to get it to turn off. Then when I turn it on again it automatically powers down. I’m so frustrated!  Anyone have any idea what to do?

First try a new battery. It will power off if battery is real low.

It’s not that because before I posted we’d already tried two different batteries from a brand new pack. Any other ideas?

Take it back to where you bought it, it sounds like the store gave you a crappy player.

Return it soon! The remanufacutred units don’t have any 1 year Sansa
warranty according to Sansa Suport. Where you purchased it should
have two weeks or so for returns.