Problem with my sansa e250

Hi I have formatted my sansa e250 from “16mb format drive” since then I have been trying to open my sansa e250 player and I can see the error popping up on my screen which says " Load main image failed switch to Recovery mode". I tried to load from recovery mode as well there also I can see an error in my screen which says " Please connect USB cable Enter USB MSD mode". I tried loading PP5022.mi4 file and still it is not working. Please help to resolve this issue.

Are you sure you are loading the right firmware for your e250? under recovery mode there should be file called “Version.sdk”. Open the file using Notepad and check the firmware version.

If the Version is v1.02.xx, you have an e250v.1 Click here for the manual update.

If the Version is v1.02.165, you have the e250 Rhapsody  player. Click here for the manual update.

Simply transfer the firmware file to the 16mb format drive. Also create a folder inside the 16mb format drive and rename it to Sansa.fmt (this will do a force format deleting all files). After transferring the firmware file to the 16mb drive and after creating a sansa.fmt folder, disconnect the player.

Don’t forget, the e200 series devices have two firmware files, the .mi4 code file, and the .rom file.   Be sute to transfer both to the 16MB FORMAT partition you will see.

NEVER attempt formatting this reserved partition using Windows’ format command, since that will erase important data.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: