sansa e280

i have sansa e280 i whats wrong i alway got message on scree ( load main image failed swit to recovery mode ) and i switch to recovery mode, i download firm downloader but still not fix can somebody please help me.


Don’t use the firmwware updater. Follow the instructions and re-install the firmware manually.

I also have a sansa e280 that displays ( load main image failed swit to recovery mode ). My battery will no longer charge and I am not able to use the firm dowloader because I have Windows 7 and there isn’t a downloader for this that I have found so far.  Does anyone know a fix for the Sansa with Windows 7. much appreciated !

Can you give me the specifics, what instructions am I supposed to follow?

The Sansa Updater will run in the Windows 7 environment, simply select compatibility mode via the listing in the Start Menu, via a right click on the Updater listing. Click on the Compatibility troubleshooter and select Windows XP. It will run in Win 7 just fine, but you don’t need this application.

Be very careful when using Recovery Mode with your e280. There’s only one thing you must never do: Do NOT attempt to format the device using Windows while connected in recovery mode!

There are two versions of the e280 that will have Recovery Mode, the standard v1 device, and the Rhapsody Sansa. They each have different firmware, so you’ll need to determine which version you have. Try to recall the starting splash screen shown on the device’s display when it would start up normally.

The basic device has the classic Sandisk logo with sunburst only.  The Rhapsody version has two splash screens on startup, first the SanDisk logo, and then the Rhapsody logo. 

The “load main image failed” message refers to the firmware file (the “image”) that has become corrupted.  All we’ll need to do is connect in Recovery Mode, then transfer the two firmware files over to the device.

Oh boy! I’ve been pulling some old posts here, plenty of broken links. In the following, I’ll insert links for each part of the process.  In a nutshell, here’s what we’ll need to do:

  • Check the version of your player, v1 or Rhapsody. Via splash screen, case logo, or the version.txt file
  • Download the correct firmware files
  • Unzip or extract the two files
  • Connect the player in Recovery Mode
  • Check the version
  • Install the firmware files
  • Disconnect. Exit Recovery Mode. The firmware will install automatically.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of steps listed here, but recovering your v1 really isn’t too difficult. There’s also a further process we can use if all else fails.

First, here is the firmware page. the firmware files are available under the Regions listed, beginning with Americas. Don’t use the Firmware Updater, as it isn’t designed for recovery, as we’ll need to do. Unzip the pp5022.mi4 and BL_SD_boardSuppor** tSD.rom** files, and save them to your desktop.

Now, a brief note regarding the versions printed on the case of the player. Here’s a thread showing thepossible combinations. This is just a clue, however, since there are many refurbished players out there with swapped rear covers,

Let’s connect in Recovery Mode:

How to put the Sansa E200v1 / Rhapody player into Recovery Mode :

  • Slide the Hold switch so that the orange is showing.
  • Hold the REC button on the side of the Sansa. (keep it held down)
  • While holding the REC button, press the power button or connect it to the PC
  • After the SanDisk logo appears, it should say “Welcome to Recovery Mode”.
  • After this appears, the REC button may be released. If the Sansa turns on normally, it is most likely because the REC button was not held in far enough, and these steps must be repeated.

Once the player is connected in Recovery Mode, a 16mb drive should appear in “My Computer”. If running Vista or Windows 7, this is found in Windows Explorer. The e200 will show up listed as 16MB FORMAT.


Again, this is the reserved partition. DO NOT ERASE the version.txt file or attempt to format this partition using Windows!!


Have a quick look at the version.txt file using Notepad. Simply close the file afterward, DO NOT make any changes to the file. The installed firmware verison is listed in this file, as well as the device version. This is the ideal location to check if you have a Rhapsody Sansa that requires the version 01.02.165 firmware, which is different.


Here’s a sample Rhapsody version file:


Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
Base Code: 05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
ODM Ver.: S301-01.01-RN 01.02.165 -D
OEM Ver.: RN01.02.165-D
Build Type: -D
Build Date: 2007.04.27
Build Number: (Build 32.10)           


Note the recurrence of 01.02.165? The last group has three digits. This is a Rhapsody version. The firmware downloaded above is the standard v1 firmware 01.02.24. You may have a lower number listed, like .18, this is OK, as long as it is a two digit designator.


Close this file without changing it.


Ready for the hard part? Drag and drop the two firmware files into this 16MB FORMAT window. Bingo. Now, on the top of the e200, slide that HOLD switch back to the left, and unplug the Sansa. The rest is magic. It should install the firmware, then it may power off. You’re back in business.

One last part. If you DO have a Rhapsody version Sansa, here is the Rhapsody firmware

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