Sansa e280 update and recovery mode

I am trying to update my e280 but it is not recognized by the updater. At startup, it says - [Load main image failed Switch to Recovery Mode] I start in recovery mode & it says [Welcome to recovery mode] [USB cable connected Enter USB2.0 MSD mode]-

From here I have no idea what to do. The updater still says [no updatable sansa product is recognized- plug in your device and wait for instructions.]  If I unlock and disconnect from computer, it says-   [safe to disconnect usb2.0 msd mode]  [upgrade finished resetting the system] - / turns off and back on- shows sandisk screen then goes to -  [load main image failed Switch to recovery mode] What do I do from here?

Note that you MUST do the manual firmware update process.  Automatic will not work (as you have noticed).  Do NOT copy anything but the firmware bin file or you will break your player.  

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