Problem with music on my e280

It started off with a bunch of music I didn’t want (I got it used).  I deleted what I could but a bunch stayed for some reason.  I didn’t think much of it and loaded my stuff.  I realized there was a problem when my music was on the device but only the stuff I couldn’t delete showed up on the computer.  I finally figured out how to clear the old stuff off but now I have music on there that doesn’t show up on the computer. 

How does one go about either resetting the device completely or getting my stuff to show up?

To clear the whole thing–all music and other content the user(s) have added gets gone, gone, gone–go to Settings/USB Mode, choose MSC, connect, right-click and FORMAT… to FAT32 (the choice that should pop up automatically). Don’t use Quickformat.  It won’t take very long anyway.

Or you can just delete the stuff you don’t want.  I know, you can’t see it.

But you can: There are two USB modes: MSC and MTP. The Sansa sees music that was transferred in either mode, but your computer can only see one at a time. The previous owner probably used the mode you’re not using. Change mode, connect, explore, delete.

MSC mode works as if the Sansa is simply another drive in Windows Explorer: you drag and drop. MTP works with Windows Media Player (version 10 or 11) and will do things like synching, transferring DRM (digital rights misery) information, and sooner or later going wacky on you.

Needless to say I prefer MSC, and if you want to do synching, etc.–anything but DRM–you can use Winamp or Media Monkey in MSC mode.  Or if you just love Windows Media Player, you can use MTP mode and hope for the best. 

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thanks a lot.

That worked perfectly.