Problem with MTP and Winamp

I got the Fuze 8GB and wanted to use it with Winamp. I have the newest version of it and the firmware on the Fuze.  

When trying to copy flac files onto the fuze, it tells me that that format is not supported on the device. Manually copying it over via MSC is no problem and it can be played.

Where is the problem? I know the fuze got the flac upgrade with a later firmware, so did the devs forget to tell the device that it knows flac for MTP?

Another small thing you might be able to help me with. I manually copied files to the Fuze in the beginning, but when I now open it in Winamp it shows no artist or anything on the device. The player is correctly labeled in the portables section. 

When clicking Sync, winamp crashes. This crash only happens when there are files on the device that aren’t in the media library so it would copy them into it. 

Another poster has also confirmed that you can only add FLAC files in MSC mode. I don’t know if this is a SanDisk or Microsoft issue.

I use Winamp in MSC mode. I and others, have had problems with it setting our players in the ‘portables’ category. I set it to ‘see’ my library as my F:\Music & G:\Music drives only (player & card) in the main ‘Local Media’ category and have no problems that way.

There is a known conflict between Winamp & Windows Media Player 11. They both want control. They fight. Winamp loses. Winamp crashes.

You might consult the Winamp forums to see if there is any solution or work around.