Winamp closes when Fuze connected

When winamp is on and I plug in the fuze, winamp gets an error and closes.  

I updated the firmware of the fuze to the latest version. 

Same problem happens still. 

Anybody know what’s wrong?

It’s probably the struggle for control between Winamp and Windows Media Player. If you use MSC mode, it’s not a problem, but both programs think they have the ‘right-of-way’ while in MTP and Winamp usually loses (crashes).

There are other threads regarding this problem here on the forum. Just do a search using ‘Winamp crashes’ or something similar to find them and the fix. :wink:

he he he… I read the title and thought… Are they complaining or bragging?

I hated WinAMP the first time (and every time since) I installed it… don’t know why, just something about it bugs me.

Thanks for the replies.  Should have searched first instead.  Still new to these forums.