odd Sansa Fuse/ winamp trouble

So just like a lot of people when i opened Winamp with my Fuze connected it crashed so i came to these boards and read about the WMP11 issue. I didnt really care about being able to sync with either programs because i just drag and drop files into the folders. But the issue im having now is that now even when my Fuze isnt connected winamp crashes on open. It opens for a second then just gives up. Is this still an issue with the MTP settings on Winamp or is this a simple reinstall fix? Oh and before i connected the Fuze for the first time winamp was working perfectly, just installed the newest version not long before i got my Fuze.

I think Winamp should work OK as long as an MTP device is not connected.  If you truly don’t care about Winamp’s portable sync features, I think you could rename the pmp_p4s.dll plugin (Winamp’s MTP plugin) to something like pmp_p4s.dl_, which should prevent it from loading.  The file is in C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins.

You might also try a complete uninstall of Winamp.  After uninstalling, delete the C:\Program Files\Winamp and C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Winamp folders.  Then do a clean install.