WinAmp won't run while Sansa Fuze is connected?

I just received a Fuze and have it connected to my computer to charge up. No idea how long that will take…

I thought I would use WinAmp to manage the device, as I do with the various iPods, but WinAmp crashes within a couple of seconds of launch while this Fuze is connected to my PC. Any ideas?

I should say I haven’t updated the firmware, since I have no idea what version is already on the device! I did download 01.01.15, just in case I need it.

Also, as a new user, I’m confused as to how the device works with micro SD cards. I have an 8Gb card installed, and Windows Explorer reveals it as “External uSD Card” containing a “MSC” folder. Do I need to create a “Music” folder on the card in order for the device to find MP3s stored therein? Is media access across both internal memory and the SD card going to be seamless, or will there be all sorts of extraneous menu navigation?

Sorry about the tangents. I guess that first and foremost, I’d like to know why WinAmp is crashing.

Most likely the Winamp problem is a known issue with MTP mode and Windows Media Player 11.  WMP11 grabs the Fuze before Winamp can get it and causes Winamp to crash.

If you must use MTP mode (i.e. you have DRM content), then you have to revert to WMP10 if you want to use Winamp.

Or you can switch to MSC mode, which happily coexists with everything.  I use Winamp in MSC mode to manage my Clip and Fuze.

In MSC mode, the internal storage and external card will appear as two different drive letters in Windows Explorer and as two different portable devices in Winamp.  Basically, for managing/syncing they are completely independent.

However, on the Fuze itself, all content from internal and external storage will be integrated seamlessly, so you don’t have to know or care where the files are actually located.

Well, none of my files have DRM.

I suppose I switch the modes in the settings menu? As long as the Fuze integrates my music across both memories, I’m fine with changing things.

Thanks for your help!!!

Yes, thank you so much for posting this info!