Problem with Expresscache 1.2

With the old Expresscache software I had it set so that the GUI would not load at system start.

Now every time I run the GUI its sets the runonce key in the regsitry and the GUI tries to run at system startup.

I do NOT want the GUI to run at startup,

This is by design on version 1.2

We will have an option to disable this on the next version of ExpressCache.


I was thinking to update to v.1.2 until I read this message.

Dlance, can you explain what happens on boot? Does the express cache UI load at startup and you have to close it manualy or it loads and closes by itself?

I also do not want to have a UI load at startup and then have to close it manualy.

I purchased a new readycache drive just last week. Have not experienced v1.1 as only v1.2 available. For me the GUI starts everytime I boot my pc to windows 7 and I have to manually click the windows permissions box to close each time. It is very annoying.

Some reason every three or so reboots of my computer my cache completely clears itself for no reason. I havent been able to solve so have disabled caching at the moment as I am not impressed. Do you have the installation files you could dropbox for v1.1?

The gui loads at startup.

And brings up the user account control dialog box

It can then be exited after it opens but I dont like having that dialog box every time I boot the pc.

I can get rid of it using regdit now that I know what causes it

the older version had a setting where the gui was not launched at startp

reading some other comments I believe this was put in for some reason involving Windows 8

Sorry I prefer not to distribute licensed software to others

@spoof: I am using readycache for 3 month now and it works fine. I am using version 1.1 on a raid 1 disk configuration (dq57tm motherboard, win 7 x86).

I agree with you that it is very annoying to have to close a window every time the pc boots. From a developer prespective this is a design fail that professionals should not do.

There should be an option not to load the gui on startup.

I hope that this option will be included in the next version of the software and that the new software will be released soon. (Sandisk do you hear?)

Regarding version 1.1, send an email to sandisk and i bielieve they will give you a link to download it.

Note the post from georgealon, he states the option will be added in the next release. 

Still havent had much luck getting it to work correctly using v1.2 software; cache automatically clears itself still every 3 reboots or so. Would be nice to have a go using v1.1 to see if it will function correctly for me so will give sandisk an email.

I using win 7 32bit, AHCI, AMD 760g motherboard and I agree that auto GUI boot on a newer software version seems a step backward to be honest

have you tried the suggestion in this post?