next expresscache software update ?

Hi guys 

            ive been using my 32gb readycache for around 8 months now and to be honest its working better than ever with significantly less “cache resets” and much quicker boot times 

            even the windows logo which used to freeze during boot up has now sorted itself out and everything is working much better 

           however when will there be a new update … and will it give you a option to disable uac for readycache … i know you can disable uac (user account control ) via windows control panel,however i just want to disable it with readycache ( as its the only uac prompt that appears during start up and means i need to be by my pc to agree with the prompt ) 

           but is there another way around this … ive looked to see if i can let windows remember my choice so expresscache wont ask for my permission anymore but up to now i cant find any option 

              any help will be much appreciated 

                            cheers guys !

How about setting this program to always run as admin using Windows function?