sandisk readycache uac prompt

hi guys 

          ive just installed my readycache and everything went fine,however how can i stop the UAC prompt when windows starts … i dont want UAC disabled completely.only the prompt for the caching software 

         obviously i need the caching to run as soon as windows starts but the UAC will mean i have to be at the computer everytime i turn on my pc instead of leaving it to its own devices (pardon the pun )

                thanks guys 

You ahve the GUI set to start with windows. Sicne the GUI has to access a driver level component to generate the performance monitor UAC at the default level will notify you. In option you can set the Expresscache GUI to not start with Windows. Once this is done UAC will not notify you until you manually launch the GUI. The Expresscache driver and service start with Windows regardless of the setting to start teh GUI with Windows or not.