What is your feedback on the new 1.3.0 version of ExpressCache?

Hi all,

I eagerly await your reviews, as I would like to buy a ReadyCache!

Please let me know.


Compumind :smiley:

Well they just updated the software to 1.3, so the bug that annoyed us the most, the cache clearing false warning is gone.

We just got a new software update, so it should work better now, in theory this device is a very good idea, so honestly at 50 dollars its not much of a risk to bet on it, a real ssd and the time to transition your system to one , esp one too small to fit your regular drives contents is significant.   Now we can only test, but its always sped up most things regardless, you open the same programs every day like most people i bet.

Well from my experience ExpressCache 1.3.0 is far more stable without any ‘cache cleared’ pop-ups. That has been at least 16hrs of use since installation and 3 or 4 reboots/ starts. Well happy with this version.

Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and Desktop running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit :smiley: