Problem with CarSystem

I bought the SansaClip just a few days ago. One of the major settings I am using my mp3-devices is my car (KIA cee’d). Unfortunately the car system identifies the usb-device as empty, though it ain’t.

I checked it out with other players and an simply USB-stick. It worked there. Any idea what the problem could be and how to solve it?

Could changes in USB-Mode (AUTO, MTP or MSC) have any effect on this problem?

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If you are using the Clip with Windows, the default USB mode is MTP.  Most likely you car system doesn’t support MTP.  Content added under MTP mode can’t be seen by a device connected in MSC mode and vice versa.  If you want the Clip to behave like a simple USB flash drive, you should change to MSC mode.

You’ll want to format the Clip (from the System menu), switch to MSC mode and reload all your files.

Note: MTP is required for DRM protected content (like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.).

Thank you. I’ll try and report.

I totally agree make sure you have all the back up music in your computer because once you format the device it delete everything in your player and change the mode under settings and switch it to MSC and retransfer the song by MSC and try it again.

Hope it helps.:wink: 

Thanks a lot. It worked exactly the way you suggested :slight_smile: