HELP!!! **bleep** Clip 1GB USB mode.....

Ummmm, ok.  I love this little player I have.  I just got a new car and it will connect to a MP3 player (like mine) but I can’t get the music to play!!! Any ideas!!!

Could you be more specific–what have you done/what happens when you try to use the Clip?  And you may want to read the User Guide (follow the link in the product specificstions sticky thread at the top of the forum).

I have tried the different USB modes.  Plugged it into the USB cord connected to my stereo and nothing… it just charges and won’t play on my stereo. 

Is there something else I should be trying?

I don’t think the clip will “play” music through the USB port.  It can only transfer files and charge the clip.  You would have to be plugged into the headphone jack to get the sound.

Absolutely–you listen to the Clip through its headphones connector, by either connecting headphones through that or connecting your stereo/speakers to the Clip through that.

Well it depends on the Car.  Clip supports the Ford Sync system.  You need to use MTP mode.

Sync will work with WM DRM protected files as well. 

Some car stereos can navigate and stream the content from USB.  The decoding is done by the car itself.  So you should be able to see a list of the content on the player. 

If the content was transfered in MTP mode,  and the car connects in MSC mode then you wont see the content.  Make sure the player sets the mode you plan to use and keep it consistent between the car stereo and the computer.  My guess is you need to reformat,  set MSC mode,  transfer your content from the PC and the try it again in the car. 

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