Clip won't play songs I've transferred through the USB in my car

Just got the Sdmx11r-004gsa70 Mp3 Player, 4gb, Sansa Clip, as well as a new vehicle that has the USB slot for MP3 players and am real excited to get it to work.  However, when I hook it up it will play the songs that came with the clip fine, but when I try to play the ones I have put on the clip it shows the name of the song and artist real quick but does not play the song it goes right to the next one and does the same thing until it gets to one of songs that came preloaded and then it will play.  I am getting my songs from Rhapsody and have purchased a membership and I have tried changing the MTP and MSC modes with no change.  When I search through the device through my car stereo it shows all the songs but does not play them.  I am new to all of this and would really like it to work through the USB on my car.  When I listen with headphones the songs are all there so I know they have been transferred.  Help me!!

I’ll bet it’s the Rhapsody DRM crapola that’s to blame.

Playing through the USB is possible depending upn the level of sophistication of the car stereo head unit.  Rhapsody To Go subscription tracks are WMA (Windows Media Audio) with DRM.  Tracks that are purchased are MP3 without DRM, and will play.

The problem with subscription tracks on a car stereo is that the stereo unit cannot be licensed as a portable device, a limitation of the system.

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It’s really sad(