Help With Sansa Mp3 And usb Car Stereo

hello everyone in need your help.

I have the sansa clip 1gb and i have a stereo in the car with USB

when i am Connecing the Sansa Mp3 to the Usb plug it canot read it and it saying “NO DATA MUSIC” something like that.

in other Mp3 player it works but with the sansa it is not working . what can i do?

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I have exactly the same problem as yours…I just purchased a 2 GB pink sansa clip hoping that it would work on my car car stereo USB port…it didn’t work!!! My last remedy is to return this to Walmart.

The USB port on your car stereo is made to plug in a USB Zip drive with MP3 files on it, or whatever format that your car radio supports.

The Sansa Clip is an MPEG player, not a USB storage device.  If your car stereo has a USB port, then it should also have an Aux In jack.  Connect your Sansa Clip earphone jack to the Aux In jack on your car stereo and listen to the tunes from your clip.

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Well thanks ,but where is the Aux Cable ?

First of all… you have to turn the Clip into the MSC in USB Mode… (you probably knew… but still make sure)

Second… take a look on this thread I started about something similar…

My pvp has a USB host feature (a USB conexion so I can plug flash drives, cards, cameras, other mp3 players)… it is a USB 1.1 so some mp3 players wont work…

The Clip actually works SOMETIMES… I think its due to the low voltage that its recieving…

Anyway I noticed that it gets recognized more often when I use the USB cable that came with my PVP… (its longer…) I dont really know why…  maybe better quality… bottom line… try using a different Cable just to see if it works…

As BUC mentioned, USB mode is an important factor.  Most car stereos with USB only support MSC mode connections (like a normal USB flash drive or external hard drive).  The Clip defaults to MTP mode (Microsoft protocol used to support DRM protected content).  Some car stereos do support MTP, but if you don’t see it mentioned in the manual, it’s probably not supported.

So chances are you need to switch the Clip’s USB mode to MSC.  Note however that the device hosting the USB connection (i.e. your computer or car stereo) will only be able to see files that were added under the current connection mode.  So if you added all your files under MTP, you will need to format the Clip, switch to MSC and re-add all your files.

Well it is Not working at all … i had been already put my sansa in msc mode ,nothing helps maybe because it is not a USB Stoarage Drive its a MPEG Player (Someone here told me that)…Well too Bad For Me and To Bad For Sansa


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I Have In My Car : Kenwood KDCW6534UY

if its matter somthing …

@sagib10 wrote:

Well it is Not working at all … i had been already put my sansa in msc mode ,nothing helps maybe because it is not a USB Stoarage Drive its a MPEG Player (Someone here told me that)…Well too Bad For Me and To Bad For Sansa


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I don’t know what rickm meant about mpeg device.  The Fuze is absolutely a “USB Stoarage Drive”.  That’s the definition of MSC mode.

When you switched to MSC mode, did you add files to the player under MSC mode as well?  As I said in my previous post, your car stereo will only see files you added under MSC mode.  So if you added all your files under MTP and then switched to MSC, there won’t be anything for the stereo to see.

Yes Man but I have the Sansa Clip Not the Fuze And The Car Audio (Kennwood KDCW6534UY)Saying me No Device (At MSC Mode)

What I Am Saying is that The Car Doesnt Read The Device at all

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Holly Sh*t I Made It !!!

So Here is how to do it :

First Of all Make A Format

Than you Need to do it in MSC mode

Than Connect it to the coputer and it will say that there is a new hardware *This is Important - The Computer need to say that there is a new hardware *

Thanks To EveryOne

the problem was that I Didnt do the Format ,well i think so … :slight_smile:

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BUC and Skinjob, you are the men…Thank you to both of you…you’re reply to sagib 10 didn’t help him but it did to me…To sagib10, if you already put your sansa clip to MTC mode, also repeat or redo your transferring of music to the clip!

that’s what I did on mine and IT WORKED! Again thanks very much to BUC and SKINJOD. It save me a trip to the store where I bought this nice device…

Well Jemlota I’m Happy For You :slight_smile:

but mine sansa clip sttoped working fu*k …

Doesnt matter i have one more

jemlota did you buy a new cable like BUC said ?

No I did not…Just follow what Skinjob had suggested to put it to MSC mode and then transfer music again…actually, I deleted all the music on the default mode first,  then put the clip to MSC mode and have the music data transferred from my laptop to the sansa clip…presto it worked right away…I think it will work with yours too.good luck!!!


I have a 2gb Clip+ with a 16gb micro SDHC card inside of it.

My car stereo has a USB jack. It will read (and at the same time charge!!) my clip+.

HOWEVER, it only “sees” what’s on the player itself, NOT what’s on the SDHC card.  


Does anyone know how to get the car stereo to play music off of the card??? Is it just this car stereo? 

I noticed that, when the device is connected to my computer, the card appears as a separate “drive”. I imagine this is the root of the problem – the car stereo isn’t smart enough to recognize a secondary drive. 

Incidentally, the car stereo has an AUX jack, which I have been using for the past couple weeks. The 1/8" jack got stretched or messed up somehow, and it now only receives signal for the right side. (frowny face.)

The USB jack is just so much better though!! — it charges the player while you drive around. The sound quality is (noticeably, i swear!) better. You can control the player with the stereo’s interface, searching lists, choosing files, switching tracks, turning on “shuffle”, … Also, the tiny little clip+ looks so cool dangling from the face of the stereo by its short little cable (sturdy usb cable, unlike the janky headphone cable which has much more leverage on a smaller inserted prong). I’m not at all concerned about the thing messing up the USB slot; the player is very light.

back to subject: *how do I get my car stereo to play mp3 tracks from the micro SDHC card?*


I can’t believe that nobody has dealt with this problem before. Still, a quick search revealed nothing at all. Help would be most appreciated!!

You might try switching the Clip’s USB mode (under its Settings) and see if that helps.

I very much doubt that would work period. MTP mode requires support from Windows and not all Window versions at that. I would start by seeing what the car radio manual has to say on the subject and also investigate possibility of getting input from the card after removing from clip, although that becomes a procedure you might not want to pursue.

i found the thread that explains my issue:

It seems the smart thing to do is to get a “thumb drive”. . .