Clip+ not playing on car via the provided USB cable

I plug my new clip+ into my car radio’s USB port and it reads SanDisk on the radio’s display but…no option to play the 25 selections of MP3 music I’ve loaded into it. I’m using the mini USB to USB cable that comes with the clip+.

The screen on the clip+ reads connecting and then reading but no folder or Music options. When it’s plugged into the car the menu button doesn’t do anything.

The slotradio does display on the car’s screen and plays a few samples of what’s available with a subscription.

The car will play via its USB port with a USB Flash drive.

No doubt I’m doing something wrong.

Got tip?


Sansa Clip+ Version 1.02.18


i dont know if you already tried it but you can connect the player when it is in the MSC usb mode in the setting. after you do that you have to ensure that your radio is in the aux option and then it should work normally as any other usb flash drive you plug into your radio.

Mucho thankso deponia —that did it.

For others following this thread:

Turn on on clip+

With the word Music displayed in the clip+ window forward to Settings > USB > and scroll to MSC and press Select.

Plug in the mini-USB to USB cable to the receiver.

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