Connecting sansa clip to external device

I have a sansa clip that i would like to connect to the usb port in my dvd player for audio playback, i also have a car audio player with a usb input wich i also would like to connect my sansa clip to, but when i have connected my sansa clip it just starts charging and i cant get it to playback on either the dvd player or the car audio, this works fine with my ipod and creative mp3 players. Can anyone help me?

The USB is for charging only.  You’ll need a cassette adapter, auxillary port and cable, or an FM transmitter to play it through your car’s stereo.

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I don’t think so. The Clip should be recognized as a USB drive with mp3 files (which is what car radios with USB ports see). Try setting the USB mode (in the Clip) to MSC.

Oops.  I didn’t realize that’s what the stereos with USB ports did.  I guess, then, it would just use the Clip (in MSC mode) as an external flash drive.  But, by that rationale, you wouldn’t get to use any of the Clip’s features, like it’s EQ settings or ID tags, right? 

Most likely the issue is with the USB mode.  While some devices do support MTP, the vast majority only support MSC.

Switching to MSC will likely solve the issue.  However, keep in mind that the device hosting the USB connection can only see files that were added under the current connection mode.  So if you added all your file under MTP mode, you will need to delete them, switch to MSC and re-add them for the files to be visible to your DVD player of car stereo.

Thanks alot pepole, formatted the sansa clip, changed it to msc mode then added new files and works like a charm on my external devices.

Thanks again