audio out on usb port?

I’ve been happily using my clip in the car via headphone to aux patch cable, but I’m shopping for a new stereo. I’ve come across some (like this, a bit garish but cheap) that have audio in on usb. Does anyone know if the clip capable of this? I’m less interested in controlling the clip, but having a clean digital audio path to the stereo would be nice. Thanks!

All you need is an Aux. In on your car stereo, and then connect a cable between that and the headphone port of the Clip.  Works great and simple. 

as long as u use the MSC mode of usb… u should do fine… the player will jst behave like a usb thumb drive that way… jst remember to use MSC  mode on  both "pc " and “car stereo”  if u transfer files in MTP mode the stereo may or may not play the music… depends on if the stereo supports MTP mode or not… (as stated that it works with the ipod so it should support MTP mode … and ur player may also work fine with MTP mode… ) and u will be able to browse ur files from the car stereo itself.

Depending upon the application, the Clip can stream mp3 files via the USB.  Cool, huh? I believe it works with the Ford Sync system recently touted.

I’ve streamed files via the Rhapsody client, so it’s definitely possible.

It would be nice to see the official specifications on it, as automotive head units are starting to offer this capability.  VW is about to offer a system, but I do not as yet see SanDisk in their list- though I am certain it will be.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: