Sansa Clip & Gomatic MP3 Player Car Adapter


I have a sansa clip player and just purchased a Gomatic MP3 Player adapter to use the player in the car.  Well, i can’t get the player to play.  THe adapter seems to work but the player is not playing any music. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does the player need to have the songs put onto it under a certain format?  If so, can you please give me details on these settings?

Please advise.

THank you in advance!

There’s no special file format for using an car adaptor. MP3’s or WMA’s are fine. You may have to set the USB mode of the player to MSC though. Check the manual or the manufacturer of the device’s website for any FAQ’s or troubleshooting tips.

Sorry, am not familiar with the “Gomatic MP3 Player adapter.”  Perhaps it would be helpful for you to explain what it is and does, and how you’re using and connecting to it?

Well, the adapter isn’t the issue.  It’s the player…i need to know if i should have put the songs ON the player using MSC, or MTP, just details like that.  If I need to format the player and start over, etc.


The reason I asked about the adapter is that I don’t have an issue with my player, at home or in my car connected to my car stereo via audio patch cord.  Some car stereos can require that the player be set to USB MSC mode.

I would try the Clip in your car set to USB MSC mode; if that doesn’t work, try USB MTP mode.  Hopefully, one or the other will work with your adapter and car stereo.

As to what mode to use to transfer songs to your player:

When your player is connected to your computer under USB MSC mode (set under the player’s settings), your computer only sees the files that had been transferred to the player when the player was connected under MSC mode.  Likewise as to MTP mode.  Regardless, all the files show up and are playable on your player, under whatever USB mode setting.

A good reason why some people prefer to set the USB Mode on their player to either MSC or MTP:  on the Auto setting, the player tries to connect under MTP mode but then will fall back to MSC mode if the MTP connection does not work; the result being, you may have a mix of MSC and MTP mode transferred files on your player, making some of them not visible on your computer without switching to the other USB mode. 

Because MSC mode is more universal (playing with a broader range of operating systems, including Linux and on Macs, and without a need for Windows Media Player on the computer), some people prefer MSC mode.  However, note that DRM (digital rights management) files need MTP mode–they will not transfer sufficiently (the DRM license will not transfer) under MSC mode. 

Thanks for this information.

I actually tried the player using MSC mode AND MTP mode…neither work.  All I hear is a blank sound with a low pitch pulse sound when the player is connected, even though the player itself is playing the songs.  It’s just not coming through the stereo of the car.

Were your songs transferred to the player in MTP mode? I would format (provided you have other copies of the files on your computer or somewhere) and re-load a few in MSC mode, See if they play now. If so, go ahead and load’er up.

Thank you, i actually formatted the device and DID put evetrything onto it in MSC mode.

I plugged it back into the adapter and tried in teh car, and actually found that it works when the plug isn’t pushed all the way in! but as soon as it moves, the music stops cmoing through the car speakers!  SO…must be a fault adapter.  Because headphones work fine on the player and htey are plugged into that same hole.

I had the same problem.  It turns out that you can’t plug in both the charging cord and the playing cord.  If you unplug the charging cord, you can play music.

Kind of stupid design, but I lived with it … for four days.  Then the Gomatic just stopped playing in mid song.  The display went out and the unit never came on again.

What a piece of junk.

It all depends on your car setup.  With mine, I connect the Clip via USB cable to my car’s cigarette lighter (via a car DC/USB adapter) to charge and then play simultanously through a patch cord going from the Clip’s headphone jack to my car stereo’s AUX connection.