Problem with Audible files - show up as "unknown"

Hi everyone,

I have just bought an 8GB Clip+ to replace an old Creative Zen. I synced most of my music to the player last night no problem at all, but audible files seems to be a different matter…

I have updated the player with the latest firmware and tried copying files to the Clip+ in MTP and MSC mode as well as with the latest version of Windows Media Player - problem is that the .aa files either don’t show up at all in the Audiobooks folder on the player or show up as “unknown”. The Clip refuses to play the “unknown” file and displays a running time of 0.00.00 - oddly, if you check the track info for the file, it’s labelled corrrectly as an audible file with the title and duration all OK.

Extremely frustrating as one of the main selling points for me of the Clip+ was the supposed compatibility with Audible files so I would be really grateful if anyone can anyone offer advice as to the cause of the problem - I know someone else had a similar problem when using a Mac (see this thread)

but I am using Windows 7 at home and haven’t had any more luck using my PC at work which is running Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

With the latest firmware versions, the Clip+ and Fuze will work with Audible Format 4 or Enhanced format files (.aa or .aax).  Check your Audible client (the Audible Manager) for the format selected.  If the files are Format 3 or lower, this could be your issue.

Are you using the Audible Manager or Windows Media Player to transfer the files to the Clip+?  The Manager works best.  Be sure that the Clip+ has been authorized using the Manager.



I had the correct Audible format files (Format 4 .aa) but Windows Media Player was failing to transfer them correctly to the Clip - downloaded Audible Manager and all working fine.

Happy customer again - many thanks!