Audible Folder "Unknown"

Hi All, I did a bit of searching and could find no threads on this problem, so here goes: 

I just bought the 4gb Sansa Clip to replace my aging 1gb Muvo 100.  I completed the Clip’s firmware upgrade and everything seems to work well except that now there is an “Audiobook” folder and an “Audible” folder when you look at the device in windows explorer.

I have 1 non-Audible book in the “Audiobook” folder, and numberous “Audible” books in the “Audible” folder, all put there by the Audible Manager.

However, when you play the device, you see the title of the non-audible book, and a folder entitled “Unknown”. If you enter that folder, all the Audible titles are there and they play and bookmark just fine.

Why is that Audible folder labled “Unknown” on the device and “Audible” in windows explorer?

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks so much.


Wow, I hope you get an answer because I am totally confused about the audible files/folders on my Clip.

I use Audible Manager and I initially downloaded my books and all was fine. The books were in the audiobook folder on the device.

I later subscribed to a podcast via Audible. Although the podcasts are placed in the podcast folder, they appear in an “unknown” folder under audiobooks on the device.

I decided to look at the device using WMP11 and cannot “see” the unknown folder, plus the podcast folder is empty. On top of that, somehow all of my books were duplicated on the device; I now have two of each.

If I access the Clip using Explorer, the books are in a folder named Audible, but there is only one copy of each file; I can’t see the duplicate. Nor can I find the “unknown” folder.

I am lost. 

Fear not, Sansa fans.  As we speak, I have a happy Clip synchronizing with Audible manager.  I’ve been working with the e280v2 and new Fuze this week.

As the Clip is back on line, let’s see what happens.  I’m going to load a collection of (Audible) books and daily New York Times (Audible) files, plus podcast files.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I think I hope I know what everyone is talking about, when they refer to “unknown folder” but just to be sure I will use this picture as reference.

When you say “folder labeled Unknown on the device”, are you refering to the audiobook’s node (second picture from the right with peter and the wolf)?


so here is an explaination of the nodes, or heirarchy.  The first node “audiobooks” reads the file’s album’s tag of the id3 / metatag.  second node “title” reads the  “title” tag and displays them in order of the "track#’ tag.

Now if your content is all being grouped into “Unknown” in the first node, than it means the album’s tag is missing.

However, Audible content should be placed in it’s own “Audible” section. I remember encountering a bug where audibles would be grouped in “unknown” folder but it was totally random, and formatting the device and retransfering the content solved the problem. 

Hope that helps. 

Thanks for all the comments. Looks like a format and then firmware upgrade, in that order, fixed things up.