Audiobook mp3 folder Unknown

Hi  –

I’m brandie new to mp3 players… and I must say I have been learning quite a bit

from this forum… 

I just downloaded a mp3 audiobook - I dragged and dropped onto my sansa fuze into audiobooks -

the files are all labled correctly and in order. I was in MSC mode

But the folder itself is named Unknown ? on my sansa player…

but when I look at the folder when I am connected to the computer - it is named correctly

So… I am confused?

Help Please…



OK - I got it - I downloaded mp3tag - changed the tags and all is well!


Can someone please explain to me how to change the name of the folder. I have the exact same problem as above. The name of the file on my pc is correct and when i drag and drop it on my Fuze it says unknown. So i downloaded mp3tag but if I browse my Fuze the folder is named correctly. What am I doing wrong?


Greetings, Anna from Holland.


The Audiobooks listing via the menu  (actually not a folder) on the Fuze is only for a certain kind of Audiobook–one that uses .aa files from Audible. Other Audiobooks are treated as mp3s, the same as music files. 

The Fuze is not showing you folder names. It is reading information from the tags in the files: Artist, Album, etc. You’re getting Unknown because that tag information isn’t there.  The best way to change those is with mp3tag

How to get books by themselves? Use mp3tag and go to the Genre field (among those on the left), highlight all the files, make the Genre name Audiobook, save them, and then when you are in the Sansa Menu look for Genre and then Audiobook. 

With the latest Fuze firmware you CAN look under folders. Follow the Firmware Updateinstructions. (There’s no need to install the Updater, since updates are so infrequent–just do it manually.) Then after Artist, Album, etc., you will see Folders if you want to find the books that way. You could make a new folder called  Books  (or anything else you want) and put all the audiobooks in it. 

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Hi Black-Rectangle,

Thanks for your answer! I have the latest firmware and I’ve been trying to change the tags with mp3tag. The problem however still exists. I’ll try to be more specific about my problem.

I connect my fuze, drag and drop an audiobook on my fuze in the folder audiobooks. Say, there are 5 books in the folder audiobooks. 4 are named correctly and the last is unknown. I can play the audio (you are right, mp3) in the folder too, thats no problem. But if I add another book, and it is again unknown, all the tracks are messed up in one folder: unknown with then 2 books in it. Then my problem continues, I’ve deleted the unknown book from my Fuze, made changes with mp3tag (on my hard-drive), saved it, put it again on my fuze and then I get an up side down questionmark as name of the folder. First it was unknown and now this. I really dont know what’s going wrong…I hope it’s clear how I’ve explained the problem…

Thanks again!!


Ps, when I browse in Music - Folders - Audiobooks -> Here are 5 books and the unknown book is named properly…

*Anna is very confused…*

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It has to be the tags. The characters may be encoded from a Mac or Linux computer that creates tags your computer can read but your little Fuze can’t.

In your mp3tag, go into Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs and set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the Sansa’s favorite tags. Open the problem folder, highlight all the tags, and Save them–it should rewrite them in that version.   See if that fixes it.

YES, it works!!! That did it! Problem solved!

Thank you so much!!!

A very happy Anna

@black_rectangle wrote:


The Audiobooks listing via the menu  (actually not a folder) on the Fuze is only for a certain kind of Audiobook–one that uses .aa files from Audible. Other Audiobooks are treated as mp3s, the same as music files. 

That’s a misconception based on some other players’ behavior, I forget which.  On the Fuze and Clip, Audiobooks can contain anything you throw in them.  I put OverDrive Media audiobooks (protected WMA) there to get the good resume function.  I just loaded an MP3 audiobook via drag-and-drop into the Fuze’s “Audiobooks” folder (my USB setting is Auto detect) and it appears under the Fuze’s menu item “Audiobooks” even though all those MP3s are tagged with Genre “Business”.

In my understanding, Audiobooks works like Podcasts.  Content appears in these menu items on the Fuze if the content is either 1) placed in the Fuze’s folder of that name, or 2) tagged as “Audiobook” or “Podcast” respectively (note that the folder names are plural, the tags are singular).

(It’s also my understanding that what Fuze folders you see in Windows Explorer depends on the USB setting, and perhaps also how you made your very first transfer (MSC vs. MTP), though I’m not too sure about the latter.)