How do I create a folder in AUDIOBOOKS that I can see in the FUZE menu!

I borrowed 3 mp3 CD’s from the library and thought it would be easy to install onto FUZE.  Not so much!

The device says “unknown” so that I have NO idea the title of this book.  And since I wanted to install all 3, how do i know which is which and aren’t they going to overwrite tracks?


How can I, and, inv fact, CAN I, create folders for each ‘book’ so that they are easily identified?  Will I see those folders on the actual device?  I see them in ‘My Computer’ under AUDIOBOOKS but they don’t show up on the device!!!

Thanks for your assistance!

Google “mp3tag”. The Fuze understands ID3 tag information. you can convert the track title/ folder information into ID tag information automatically using the mp3tag free software.