Audiobook Folder

Just when I thought I had the Fuze folder and file naming scheme figured out, my Fuze throws me a curve. I have organized several audiobooks on my hard drive, made sure all of the MP3 tags are correct, and dragged and dropped them into the audiobook folder on the Fuze. Every audiobook is correct except one. The folder name for that book is “Book Title”. For each of the other audiobooks, the folders are correct: Audiobooks -> Author Name -> Book Title. For one book, though, the folder name is Audiobooks -> Author Name -> 1704000_Book Title.

Where does 1704000_ come from, and how do I get rid of it? It does not show up in Windows Explorer. If I remove the folder from the Fuze and then add it back, it still has a number before the Title. Stangely enough, it’s only this title that is causing the problem.

It looks like a tag issue to me.

I’d go through the tag info (and compare it with the books that are displayng okay) with a fine tooth comb to spot any discrepencies/comments etc.  It seems that the smallest issue with tags can cause a wobbly to be thrown.

I assume you are using mp3tag to write/modify tags?

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Yes, I’m using MP3tag. I deleted the files from the Fuze, opened Windows Explorer, sorted the files by name (again), and copied the folder to the Fuze. This time, everything is in order. It is a mystery to me how the Fuze decides what to sort. No tag changes were made. Strange. Very strange.

I had this problem too, and I found that there had been a copying error when I first put them on the player; the files had copied with a supposed bitrate of 0kbps. Recopying them fixed the problem for me too.