Audible question

Up until about a week ago I was able to download and play Audible Audio files (.aa) with no problems.  Then all of a sudden, while the clip was connected and I was removing a file via audible manager, the program popped up a message box saying the clip was no longer connected.  Fine, I disconnected and reconnected it and now audible manager says the clip is not compatible.

I still have about 14 .aa files on my clip that work (except the bookmarking is sporadic - sometimes it remembers where I left off, sometimes it doesn’t).

According to their website, I need to format the clip via the main menu->settings->format option.  I’m nervous that if I do this (which I assume will wipe all my files out) that I will never again be able to play .aa files!

Anybody else have a similar experience or know how to fix it?

Thanks, Peter

I have two 2GB Clips that i use strictly for Audible and ripped audio books.  One of them a few weeks back suddenly was not recognized by the download manager.  Like you I was afraid to format but it is a cinch on the Clip.  It simply does a

complete erase job except for firmware.  Your .aa files should be re-loadable from Audible once the format is complete.

My Clip went back to working immediately.  I think when we book users remove files frequently fragments are left lying

around and it just has to be cleaned up after a time.  I have also had to re-format my other clip too.  Be sure that you have the latest firmware 1.01.20 and the bookmarking issue should not be a problem once the glitches are cleaned up.

I prefer to remove files via My Computer>Explore>Open Clip and remove as needed.  

Hope this helps,

Donna in Arkansas 

Thank you so much!  I took a leap of faith as you suggested and everything worked as expected!