Settings Problem

I’ve been having trouble viewing and loading my MP3 files and even ones from Audible just all of a sudden.  I realized that the mode setting may have changed itself as Sansas are sometimes prone to do. I’ve always used default which is MTP I think and never had a problem.

When I looked USB mode was checked.  I changed to MTP checked.  You have a number of choices and of course there is

no explanation in the manual.  Am I going to have to format to get back to where I was and does charging make it change

on its own?  Some of my files are visible in WMP11 that aren’t visible in Explorer.  In short, I have a mess!

I appreciate any help,

Donna in AR 

If you use the Clip on PC and MAC,  use MSC mode.

If you only use PC, set MTP mode.

Autodetect setting will detect your host OS,  and it may connect in MSC mode if the OS is not XP or Vista. 

Message Edited by sansafix on 04-02-2008 05:19 PM

I briefly reset the Clip to MTP and nothing much was visible.  I thought the Clip is default to MTP.  Did we get the USB Mode menu in the last update?  When I’m through listening to what I have on it I’m going to be forced to reformat the

Clip because I have pieces of file that was deleted ages ago and files appear on the Clip menu that don’t show up anywhere else.  I can only figure that the .aa Audible files that have DRM and the ripped MP3’s which don’t somehow clash.  I lost a pair of Sansa m240’s to that same problem; finally nothing worked.  Sandisk said they did not support MP3 audiobooks.  I thought I had indeed found a wonder when I could rip my books in iTunes and join all tracks and

then drag and drop into the Clip.  That plan has worked for 3 months so… 

If I understand what you’ve listed, Auto Detect would select the appropriate mode for the Audible files and another perhaps for MP3.  Since my other Clip set to that for now works perfectly maybe the reformat will fix the problem or it

may be the beginning of the end of a great little machine that I love.