Clip not Recognized by Audible Manager

Well I’m stumped.  I’m trying to activate my Clip through the download mgr. so that I can add audiobooks to it, but the audible download mgr. will not recognized that an “audible ready device” is connected to my pc.  The Clip *is* being recognized in the device manager, and in WMP 11, so the problem seems only to be in Audible.  I’ve tried every available USB port to no avail?  Anyone else with this issue?  Is it a Sansa or Audible problem?  Is there a firmware update perhaps?

try to format the player, through settings > format

should be recoginzed now.

Did you download the latest version of audible manager?  I had an old version and once I got the new one, I downloaded the sandisk player plugin and my clip was recognizeable