Somehow I cannot figure out how to use the Sansa clip with Audible.  I try to add it as a device but can only see add ons for other Sandisk products (all of which I tried already).  No one else seems to be having this problem.  What am I missing? 

I need my audio books!

Okay, I found out that I had to update my version of AudibleManager and it all worked automatically.

thanks for the info

I had the same problem, and called Audible. My device still did not read. I called Audible a second time, and that fixed the problem. They had me uninstall Audible Manager. After the re-start, I connected the device and re-installed Audible Manager. The Sansa Clip appeared as the device and I was able to laod and listen to audio books. The key is to have the Clip connected when installing Audible Manager, that way the program can read the device.


Hope this helps!

Sansa clip is a great MP3 player, if you’d like to play Audible audiobook on Sansa player, you need to get a compatible MP3 format. here is the detailed instrction to play audiobook on mp3 player, you might take a look at it and sincerely hope it is helpful to you.