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I have have some audiobooks that i purchased from, I d/l overdrive media console, it said the .aa files is not recognized by overdirve media console. Could audiobooks purchase from transfer into the clip? if so, what programs do i use, or do i have to convert the .aa files?


Use Audible Manager or Windows Media player to transfer the files.  Audible files are supported by the Clip.  You have to authorize your Clip device with Audible Manager anyway.

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Audible Manager is giving me a message that my Sansa Clip is not supported, and that the Sansa Clip 2Gb device model is not compatible with Audible content. How can I get Audible to recognise my device? I have upgraded the firmware on the clip and also uninstalled and reinstalled the Audible manager.

If you have the latest version of the Audible Manager, check that the SanDisk digital players module is added.  I’m away (well, four feet away, actually) from the PC with the AM installed, but it would take an act of Congress to pull her away from World of Warcraft.

Edit- I have a thought!  Has the Clip been switched to MSC Mode?  This will inhibit all Audible transfers, as MTP Mode is necessary for the DRM transfer under the Audible client. -Bob

The latest Audible Manager build can be installed “on top” of your existing installation, facilitating repairs to the manager client.  It’s possible that the Clip can simply be formatted, then reauthorized in the Audible Manager.  This route does clear all media from the device, however.  You would then need to reload the device.

Bob  :wink:

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