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In my audible manager, I drag/drop books to my Sansa Clip MP3 player, but I can find them on the player.  What am I doing wrong?

@rkw8f0 wrote:

In my audible manager, I drag/drop books to my Sansa Clip MP3 player, but I can find them on the player.  What am I doing wrong?

If you can find them, it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong.

Sorry, I mean I CAN’T find them.   Can you help?

Ahh, now that’s something completely different. :smileyvery-happy:

Tell us a bit about the audio books and what you are doing, like:

What kind of audio books are they? From or your local library?

What format are the files in? (.mp3, .wma, etc.)

Are you using whatever software download and/or managing program provided by the source of the books?

Are you following the directions from the source of the books to load them on your player?

Is your player set to MTP (USB Mode)?

Are the files transferring to the player OK, or is it that you just can’t find them on the player?

Do the files have ID3 tags?

Are the books listed under ‘Unknown’ on your player?

Are you (or the program) storing the files on your player in the Audiobooks folder?

Give us some more information and someone should be able to help you. But feel free to look around here on the forum and use the Search function too. Chances are your answer(s) are already posted here somewhere.

Audio books are from which uses .AA or .AAX  format.

Yes, I downloaded software provided by compatible for Sansaclip.

Don’t know what an MTP is.

Audiomanager allows me to drag/drop to Sansa clip but I can’t find them on the device.

Books are stored in Audible Manager folder that I downloaded from


The Audible Manager will work with all three variations of the Sansa Clip- the original, The Clip+, and the new Clip Zip.

If you have the latest version, the Zip (with full color display), you will need the latest build of the SanDisk Digital Players plugin for your Audible Manager.

Essentially, if you are running the Manager, there’s a simple way to transfer your books.  Plug in your Clip, and open the Audible Manager.  Your player will appear at the lower right of the screen.

Click on your desired book, or book section, at the top center of teh Manager screen.  Once the selection is highlighted, look at the right side of the screen.  Add To Device will be highlighted, click on this, and the book will be transsferred to the device.

For the Sansa Clip, your books must be Format 4 or Enhanced formats.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks. But how do I find them?  On my sansaclip+, I go to Settings, then audio book option, and get " change mode" and “speed”.  I can’t find the books.


(Main) Music menu > Audiobooks, _ not _ Settings.