problem transferring files to a SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB

I am unable to add anymore files to my SanDisk Cruzer Fit. Whenever I try, It says -

Cannot open file for write E;/SanDiskSecureAccess Vault/{55df74cd-4de5-4777-


Error: the directory or file cannot be created.

I just got this flash drive today, and so far have transferred a little over 10gb to it. It holds 32gb. I have no clue what’s going on? I have several other models, and they all work fine. What could this be? Should I have it replaced?

Thank you.

Try doing:

Shutting down Windows.

Removing the Cruzer


Reinserting the Cruzer.

If SecureAccess starts exit it.

Running a CHKDSK command on the Cruzer drive.

Safely removing the Cruzer.

Reinserting the Cruzer.

Starting SecureAccess.

Hopefully it now works for you.

Hi Dansh, try o go back to the “SanDiskSecureAccessV2.0” folder and right click it to uncheck the “Read Only” option.


in that case you can try the following:

take tha folder my vault and back it up to your  desktop.

format the drive on exfat

then put the software secure access with the vault back to the drive and see if you can open the files and use it normally