cruzer fit 8gb usb flash drive change file format

My cruzer fit 8gb, and i have data 7 gb on it…but a week ago my cruzer fit sandisk secureaccess error and change all my data in my vault…for information my data in format pdf, word, etc and all data change to blank data and change name of data to number 1-179…but my data size still same 7 gb…can u help me how to open it?

Do you try to open your files with the secure access or just found your files into the files directory and your files have the numbers?

 Because the secure acces program encrypts your files and in version 1 of the secure access program you can find the files again into the flash drive outside of the program, so you can only read the files from inside of the secure access program.

Hopefully it can help you a bit.

Friend i have almost same problem…Please suggest me…"Dear Friends,Anybody can help to me about open to usb on my pc.When i insert the usb to pc,there automatically shortcut folder created to my this was unable open in my pc.there most imporatanted files…please help me how to open?:


As i understand you try to open the shortcut of the file and that means that you try to open only the shortcut (path to the file) and not the actual file so if you changed the location of the file or deleted it or even renamed it then you cant use the shortcut anymore so try to copy the actual file inside the Flsah drive and try again.

This might be due to a virus. Have you try to run a scan yet?

At very few cases a virus is the issue but you can try why not.