8 GB Cruzer Always Corrupting Files

Ever since I bought this Sandisk 8 GB Cruzer (had it for about a year and a few months), it’s always corrupting the files placed on it. I’ll have to eject the USB, plug it back in, make sure the files AREN’T corrupt, then eject it again and/or re-copy the files onto it again if they are corrupt. 

Anyway I can reset or fix this problem? I always do the safety eject thing, but I don’t know if I forgot once and that’s why it’s like this? If anybody knows a solution, I would really appreciate it.


you can try to format the drive in the disk managment in order to make sure that all the errors from the drive are deleted. then try it with another usb port and if possible with another pc to see if the same issue still occurs.


Open a Command Prompt and run a CHKDSK command on it.  It will tell you if it finds any errors on the drive. 

There might be a slight possibility that there could be a malware saved here. I think reformatting should be able to fix everything.

I have quite a very similar problem with my sandisk cruzer blade 4GB flash. It corrupts everything I put on it. Only about the first 96MB or so is able to hold valid data - and that’s only sometimes. Anything beyond this size gets corrupt and useless. When I ran sandisk secure access 2.0 which I copied from a similar flash drive on my computer. It alerts me saying that there is no sandisk flash drive on the computer. Could someone, anybody be so kind as to look into this. If there is a solution of any kind, please let us have it. I would have attached a currpted sample in rar file but I couldn’t. Thanks in advance.

SecureAccess only runs on Sandisk flash drive. Installs included.  It doesn’t run on hard drives