Cruzer blade 8gb usb not working PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi can anyone help at all as i have had a 8gb cruzer blade usb for 8-10 months and now has stopped working, i am really gutted and very upset as it had 6gb worth of personal files such as family photos to music and many other memorable videos. The worst bit is, i did not store any of this as backup to anything else as i did think it would be safe in one usb stick. Now this does not work, i have tryed it everywhere and anywhere and does not detect at all, i am not interested in claiming another usb from sandisk them self but only to ask them to help me to get this working for the sake of my personal data, i have emailed them twice within 24-48 hours and hoping to recieve a reply from them, fingers crossed and also wondered if anyone on here could help me too would be soooooooo great.

Try different USB ports.

Try different pcs.

Try different pcs with different versions of Windows.

Try a Live Linux CD.

Try a local pc repair shop.

I wish I could offer you a direct solution but I don’t know one.  Sorry and good luck.

This posting may be worth a try also.