My Cruzer blade is not working.

Ok so i put the usb in my computer and it worked fine.  I downloaded a file onto my computer and i tried to copy but it went 3/4 of the way before it stop. It gave me an error. I forgot what it said but i went to the usb and i don’t see any of my files. I tried to format it and it say an error has occur. Also if i try to eject it, it says the same thing. I don’t what going on but i really need help to solve the problem.

Let me guess, the file you were trying to write to the drive was larger than 4GB, yes?

No it was 23 mb. I reinstalled the drives and it still not working. Also when i go to properties, it says my used space and free space is 0 bytes. I don’t know what wrong with this thing. I can’t put new files on there and i can’t find my old ones.

this is likely a bad drive. if th capacity shows as 0 used and 0 available and format fails it will likely need to be replaced. you can try formatting on another computer just to be sure but if you get the same result then you will need to contact sandisk support. 

not working my pen drive, pls help me.