problem loading sansa clip

i am using winamp to load my sansa clip. the first time i tried i got it filled about 75% when i started getting errors saying “could not create folder on device.” i then tried to use windows media and just get a general “error” when trying to sync songs. i finally just tried opening the folder and dragging my files into it. this seemed to work, but when i tried to play the songs on the device it just goes on pause and the files dont play. if i unplug the device and then plug it in to try again, it “loads” one album and then gives me the same errors (that one album will not play on the device, just “pauses” the songs). i deleted all the files off the device and tried to start over, it got about 25% full this time before i started having the same problems.

i updated the firmware and also have the newest version of winamp and windows media player. any help would be appreciated.