Cant get sansa clip to play music?

I just recieved my sansa clip today from the UPS. I was able to transfer my songs from my folder to the sansa clip drive, all directly in the MUSIC folder. They are all MP3s.  Problem is that when I play my sansa clip, none of the songs I’ve put in the folder show up. It only has the songs that came with it.  What should I do?

  • Verify that they are in fact .wma or .mp3s
  • that they play on your computer
  • try syncing different ways, drag and drop and wmp.
  • try looking up “unknown” on your player when selecting playback artist for example, as some of the id3 tag information might not be there.

Do make sure that the ID3 tags for the music are filled in.  The Clip uses that information to show its contents–it does not use the files’ filenames.