New Clip won't work

This morning my sansa clip wouldn’t play any of my music. Last night it was fine. Each song was automatically on pause and when I hit play it still wouldn’t play. I plugged it into my computer and did some stuff on the sansa website which ended up deleting the music. When I tried to reload the music it says that the clip is full (or nearly full). Why is is saying that it is full when it also says there is no music inside? Has anyone else experienced these problems?

Since you want to reload everything, it wouldn’t hurt to do a Format (from the Settings menu). Sometimes the file system goes bad and all sorts of weird stuff happen.

If you’ve done that already, perhaps you should also try re-applying the latest firmware.

I am having exactly the same problem.  Player worked fine yesterday.  This morning, when I tried to play, all the songs are on pause and clicking play changes the icon to play, but the song remains at 00:00 and doesn’t play.  I’ve read a report about Zune failing simultaneously at midnight last night as well.  Could these two be related somehow?  Does Sansa and Zune share some software?

Here’s an article about Zune failing:

By the way, I am running firmware V02.01.16A.  Could it be a bug in the new firmware?

Just to clarify, I upgraded to the new firmware a while ago, not last night.

Im also having the same problem! This is very frustrating! Mine is only a few days old so I am new to all of this!

The same thing happened to me last week. All of a sudden my music was gone. The FM radio still worked, but the folders for my albums, artists and songs all showed empty.

I plugged the Clip into the USB port and opened up the files in my browser. The music was all there. When I disconnected the Clip, suddenly everything was back.

I didn’t trust it so I followed the instructions posted on this forum for reformatting the Clip and then re-loaded my music. It only took about 15 or 20 minutes at the outside.

No big deal. 

Besides, it gave me an opportunity to change my music selection around a little.