sansa clip

Hi…I just bought this sansa clip and followed instructions on the little cards ( which by the way suck)  anyway, managed to put an album on the clip but they won’t play.  They are .wav files and are not corrupt.  Now the menu button doesn’t work at all!  All my screen ever shows is the headphones and music>.  I navigate to the album and click play but nothing  plays!

Anybody have any suggestions?  I printed off all the instructions and went step by step through them but NOTHING works!!



You’re likely to get more response in the Clip board rather than the How-To Videos board you have posted in. The Clip doesn’t even have this feature, so it is unlikely any Clip owners ever even venture into this board.

-You’re right, this was lost in the wrong forum.  Hard to see videos on the Clip!  -µsansa

But here are a couple of suggestions:

1st, WAV Pro & Lossless formats are not supported, so make sure your .wav files are plain 'ol common-variety .wav files.

2nd, have you tried re-setting the device? This is a simple and often over-looked procedure that should always be tried first whenever anything doesn’t act normally on the device, whether it be a Clip or any other of the Sansa models. it may help your menu/screen navigation issue.

Good Luck! :smiley:

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