Having trouble playing WAV music files on the Sansa Clip

Does anyone know if it’s possible to play WAV music files on the Clip? Some of the documentation says yes, some mentions just MP3 and WMA for music. I dragged-and-dropped a WAV file from my computer to the Clip (of a song that I had ripped from a CD that I bought), and it showed up in the Clip’s menu, but it wouldn’t play. I think I saw a troubleshooting tip saying you can only drag-and-drop MP3s and WMAs; is this the problem? When I tried synching a WAV file with the Clip through WMP, it showed up again, but then it made the Clip lock up when I tried to play it.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Wav files generally not supported unless the format matches the Voice recorder or FM recordings format.

Suggest you should ripped your CD as MP3 format.  Much easier, works with any MP3 players and take up less space and give you less trouble.