Can Sandisk Sansa Clip+ play .wav format?

I have a MP3 (not Sandisk Sansa), which can record my sound as .wav format and of course can play it. However, when I play high-quality .wav format with it, it sounds strange and obviously can not decode it.

I am planing to buy a MP3 player which can support multiple format, and Sandisk Sansa Clip+ is a good candidate.

I know  Sandisk Sansa Clip+ can record sound as .wav format, I wonder if it can play normal .wav music (high-quality as CD), has anyone tried?

The official site says Sandisk Sansa Clip+ supports MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, _FLAC, but it doesn’t say it support wav format. _

Thanks in advance.

Page 2 of the User Manual states that it supports WAV (among other) files.

The manual is likely in error. I doubt that the Clip+ will play wav files, with the exception of files that it itself recoded in .wav.

I’m not sure why the Clip+ wouldn’t play WAV files other those it creates itself. I guess a test case could easily answer the question at hand. Seems like WAV files should be some of the easiest to play, though, being uncompressed and whatnot.

You might find this post of interest.

Thank you all. I bought a new clip+, and it can play wav format.

Thanks for reporting back and putting another issue to rest.   :slight_smile: