Can I really play a WAV file I've loaded onto my Clip+?

Hello, I can’t tell from various reviews and/or manuals whether WAV files are supported and can play on my new Clip+. I did load a wav file but I can’t seem to make it play. I went to the Folders view and tried to play it but nothing happened. Is this supported, and, if so, do I need to follow some specific convention for naming the file?

I know this is a great MP3 player but I have a specific need for playing the WAV files.  We are trying to record a band on a small portable recorder (Zoom H2), and I would like to insert the recorded card into the Clip+ to let the band and others hear the recording (rather than play them on the Zoom–it wears the batteries down).  We would use a micro SDHC card with adapter for the Zoom.  We won’t have a laptop to help and there is no stereo system to play anything on–so those aren’t options.  

Any advice would be much appreciated.  This is our first MP3 player, and pilot error is very likely.


I received the following information from Edward Mariano at SanDisk Support:

The Sansa Clip+ records files as .WAV files and would be able to play them on the player. However .WAV files that are transferred to the Sansa player from a different source would not work. The Clip+ doesn’t support .WAV files that came from a different source.

Really?  A WAV is not a WAV?  And the User Manual says that the Clip+ supports the WAV format, no restriction on the source provided.

I’d try it out …±en-um.pdf

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Just out of curiosity, what are the properties of the wav file that are made on the Zoom H2?  Is the audio sample size 16?