WAV files on Clip

I ripped a CD to WAV format and it seems to play fine on my Clip (no problems).  However, after searching the forum I found several conflicting answers from “the Clip doesn’t support the WAV format” to “it will play WAV files if they are common old Wav files”. What I’m wondering is if my Clip automatically converts the WAV file to MP3 or actually plays it back as a lossless WAV?  Anybody know?  The specs don’t mention support for WAV format.  Any help is appreciated.

The Clip supports WAV (see the player manual) and your player is playing WAV files back as that.

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If wav files work with tags, they’ve kept it a secret from me. If that is the case, what album does the clip assign and in what order do the titles play.

I don’t have wav files on my player right now and was wondering the same thing.  However, if the wav files are in the Podcasts or Audiobooks folder, would the Clip default to the practice in those folders and use the subfolder and file names, in the absence of tags?  Something to try out, perhaps.