.wav problems

Hello everybody!!

I just purschased my 4GB Clip last week and I’m enjoying it (no battery problems, it’s amazing). But I have a problem and I have not find any information about it in the forum: when playing .wav files there are some cuts in the music in a random way. Have someone reported this with the clip??

Thank you very much!!!

I haven’t tried .wav files on my Clip yet, but what you describe sounds like what I’ve encountered with non-Microsoft players on my computer before.  In those cases the software reported errors in the .wav file or unsuported features like repeated loops.  You may want to try converting your .wav files to a compressed format like mp3, ogg vorbis, or wma and see if you still have these issues.

Thank you for your answer. This problem is not found with compressed files, only with .wav files (all of them). The problem is not in the files as I currently use them in my Gmini 402, my Nano 2G and my computer. It’s some kind of ‘defect’ in the music while it’s playing (no loops or jumps inside the file).

None seems to have reported this problem, so maybe is my unit (but it’s not the amplifier or the chip as the .mp3 files work perfectly).

No more problems like this in here??? Maybe I will tr previous firmware (I’m using the last one).