can't hear a song to sansa 8gbclip

i recorded a version of stabwound, including all guitar parts, bass parts and drums, taking hours on end, to find i can’t listen it onto my sansa clip. i checked to see if the  file type works - WAV, check. if the file is corrupt: it works. the file shos up with the time  and name etc, but it doesnt have sound with it. what  could be wrong?

The simplest way would be to try converting your wav file to mp3, and make it a “portable” file that is universal.

There are many options available.  I have this oneup on this computer at the moment (for mp3), but there are many alternatives out there.  You can transfer your wav file to mp3, wma, OGG, or even FLAC for the highest resolution, all depending upon the desired resolution.

Once your file is complete, you can use a utility like MP3Tag to add ID3 data to the recording, making it easy to locate on your Sansa.  If you were to use a Fuze, or e200, or View, or Connect, you can even add displayable art to your recording.


i have linux on my computer and can’t find a mp3 convertor that works for it, but it says that WAV files are compatible, so that shouldnt be the problem, i have plenty of WAV files on my sansa. does the bitrate etc that i encode it to matter?