wav files to sansa

I am sorry if my English is not that good but I will trie my best. I had before the same Sansa Clip 2GB as nowadays. But with the old one I could tape voices and put it on the computer and after that I could copy it again to my Sansa, but this is not possible anymore with the new one. I cannot imagine this is because of the newer version. Can anyone help me? It is very important for me to listen my old records. On the computer it is not possible, the sound is bad on the computer. If I open the Sansa clip on the computer I can see the record is on the Sansa but on the Sansa itself the record is empty. I cannot find it. The salesman doesnt understand it and he cannot help me. Can someone please help me?

There’s an easy way to save space and be sure that the files are compatible.  There are many wav to MP3 converters available on the Internet, many of them free!

If you have transferred “records”, as in LPs, to wav (PCM) files, you can make MP3 files, then tag them using MP3Tag , a free utility.  Included in MP3Tag is the capability to add ID3 tags to those mp3 files.  The Sansa Clip navigates between your files by album / artist / genre or song title, via the embedded ID3 tag in the MP3 file.

Once you edit the tag information, it will be far easier to keep track of your music!

The Clip is picky about the WAV format, as this is generally used for voice or FM recordings.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: